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Hypno Lumiere the Hypnagogic mind controlled light

The Hypnolumiere is a lighting system that will allow you to reach the Hypnagogic state in no time...

Hypnolumiere is a mind driven brainwave entrainment system that will help you reach deep hypnagogic trance states. The lamp stimulates your mind through a sequence of flickering lights in order to create powerful colourful Kaleidoscopic images , psychedelic forms and sacred geometric mandala like shapes. The Hypnolumiere and the Vilistus Neurofeedback system will benefit your practice by offering deep state training that will allow you to create and maintain desired changes.

The Hypnolumiere could also be used without any neurofeedback equipment, you can try one of our sessions and discover how this lamp could enhance your performance.

Price £ 3995

(Full System including Light and Neurofeedback system)

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Discover Hypnagogic states

Hypnagogia is a state that you have probably encountered many time, before you felt asleep or when you were waking up in the morning. In this state you may encounter whips lights, sudden changes of images or multidimensional geometric object.

Different artists, inventors and Scientists used that state to make their breakthrough, according to Deidre Barrett in the Committee of Sleep, Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali used different methods in order to reach that stage. Chemist August Kekulé came to understand the structure of the benzene molecule after falling asleep in front of the fire, and seeing a classic ouroboros: a series of molecules made out of snakes, with one swallowing anothers tail.

Train your mind with The Vilistus neurofeedback system

  • Simple to Use
  • Ideal for Home Training
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Highly Portable
  • Comprehensive Feedback
  • Multi-person Capability
  • Extensive range of sensors
  • Biometric Recording
  • Quality Signals and High Speed Data • Programmers API
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We've designed the Neurofeedback Personal Training Pack to be simple to use right out of the box. From providing a BraiNet 10-20 template to give accurate place- ment of electrodes through to the extremely easy to use Vilistus/Pro software, you can be up and running in minutes But don't let the ease of use fool you, the Neurofeedback Personal Training Pack is fully featured and is being used around the world by therapists, researchers, educators and high performance trainers as well as people using it at home for self improvement. Use our training protocols or develop your own! Out of the box, you can train for relaxation, peak performance and focus/attention, or just use it for brainwave monitoring. Get better at your chosen sport, concentrate in the classroom or the boardroom and learn to keep your energy levels up.

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Hypnolumiere PES Hypnolumiere PES with Hypnagogia Hypnolumiere PES with Hypnagogia and feedback Hypnolumiere PES, Hypnogogia lamp and feedback
Glasses with RGB LEDS X X X X
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